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Norwegian Urban Air Mobility

Header photo: Airbus

NUAM – Kongsberg National engine for innovation

Kongsberg Municipality and the University of Southeast Norway have started a national project “Norwegian Urban Air Mobility” which will promote greater involvement in UAM development for Norwegian industry and technology environments.

The NUAM project is based on a close collaboration with Oslo Municipality and Oslo’s collaboration agreement with Toulouse (MOU).

The project will promote a triple urban collaboration between Kongsberg-Oslo and Toulouse – with a focus on each other’s needs and strength in new transport technology and its significance for cities and urban regions.

Development of the value chain for the practical use of UAM in critical community services such as emergency preparedness, control, monitoring and general transport of passengers and goods.

The project’s sub-goals:

  • Establish a Norwegian collaboration against UAM-Toulouse / The Vilagil Project
  • Promote concrete pilot projects between companies, organizations and R&D actors
  • Establish a collaboration that provides a position for financing national and international projects for scaling business areas
  • Establish a link between authorities, technology companies, service providers and R&D actors