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Drone deliveries in Reykjavik

Iceland’s largest online marketplace, is to expand the number of drones it flies across the country’s capital, Reykjavik. The company Aha, which launched a limited trial with Israeli company Flytrex last year, will phase in further drones over the next two years (2018). Many Reykjavik residents could soon expect drone deliveries to their door. The move puts Iceland in the vanguard of drone deployment, ahead of other European capitals.

Photo: Skytrex

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Transported blood samples by drone over Oslo city center

On the second attempt, Senseloop succeeded in performing the test flight between Rikshospitalet and Ullevål Hospital. This time, everything went according to plan.

Senseloop used a drone from the German Globe UAV to transport the blood samples in central Oslo. Photo: Senseloop

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The drone will transport biological material to St. Olav’s Hospital

The drone that will be launched into shuttle traffic, initially between Røros Hospital and St. Olav’s Hospital, is revolutionary when it comes to speeding up delivery of blood tests.

Will carry blood: The drone’s first trip was from Røros to Trondheim, a distance of 120 kilometers.
This marks the longest autonomous flight with drones made over land in Norway. Photo: Aviant

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NINOX Air Navigation Services

Avinor Flysikring started a venture in a completely new drone system in 2020 and entered into a collaboration with the Austrian company, Frequentis. The aim of the venture is to ensure a user-friendly drone system for users, as well as a more efficient approval process for air traffic controllers. Overall, this ensures a safer integration of drones in controlled airspace in correlation with rapidly increasing number of drone users in Norway.

Photo: Avinor Flysikring AS

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Urban Air Mobility Flight Trials will be staged in Toulouse and Bordeaux

The French cities of Bordeaux and Toulouse will host extensive trials for urban air mobility (UAM) operations in the spring and summer of 2022. The TindAIR project, which stands for Tactical INstrumental Deconfliction And in flight Resolution, will be coordinated by French artificial intelligence specialist Innov’ATM on behalf of Eurocontrol’s Single European Sky ATM Research (Sesar) program.

The French city of Toulouse, headquarters for Airbus, will stage a large-scale demonstration of urban air mobility operations in 2022. These will not feature the now-canceled electric E-Fan X program illustrated here. (Image: Airbus)

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