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Hyundai UAM Overview Mobility Hub

The purpose is to create new jobs in Kongsberg, in Viken and in Norway through national and international cooperation. Internationally, automated passenger and goods transport is seen as one of the major new emerging markets. Attractive cities and places for the future must develop in a sustainable direction based on the UN’s 17 sustainability goals. Promoting Norwegian business and industry that can contribute to sustainable solutions in transport in both technologies and services is a goal. In Kongsberg, Viken and Oslo, companies and a knowledge environment have been established that invest in these areas. The ambition is to use the established triangular collaboration between Kongsberg-Oslo-Toulouse to realise such a development. The technology city Kongsberg gets a role here as the capital’s technology industry resource and a national coordinator role. Kongsberg as a technology city already has a national role, where the companies in Kongsberg contribute to employment and growth in companies throughout the country. Both through own distributed companies and through purchases of products and services from Norwegian suppliers. The test arena Kongsberg City & Lab has been established as a national arena for autonomous road transport, and has activities together with public and private actors throughout Norway.

The purpose of the UAM project is to contribute to increased employment and growth for knowledge-based business, technology companies, service providers and organisations, which work with automated transport and aviation. The UAM project will strengthen the place of Norwegian knowledge-based business in the national programs, and contribute to promote Norwegian technology and relevant services in “Integrated Mobility” for the transport of the future, nationally and internationally. The UAM project will be a central meeting place for everyone who has an interest in “integrated mobility”, development.

Oslo Municipality has an MOU with Toulouse. Through this agreement, Kongsberg municipality is connected with Toulouse and Toulouse Metropole. Toulouse has been given the status of an arena for testing and developing the mobility of the future. The purpose is to solve the traffic pressure on urban areas and to decarbonize and
reduce adverse societal impacts from transportation. Kongsberg has established a test arena (City & Lab) for automated sustainable transport, where there is a business collaboration between the Kongsberg company Applied Autonomy and the Toulouse company EasyMile. The test arena Kongsberg City & Lab has the same ambitions with Toulouse and The Vilagil Project.