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Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay information about Avinor Air Navigation Services and the use of drones around Avinor’s airports rules regarding the use of drones in Norway organization for all users of drones in Norway (Recommended!) group working for a common system for the control of European airspace. Advanced Air Mobility Portal. Here you will find a lot about the work of making the airspace available for future air traffic in the USA of SINTEF’s work with autonomous drones and robots. Startup Lab sin nettside for Mobilitet
https://oslosciencecity.noOslo city’s innovation district for the development of a sustainable and modern Norway.
https://ife.noInstitute of Energy Technology. Leading research company in a number of areas including security, cyber security, materials technology and air traffic.
https://www.greenflyway.seNorwegian-Swedish test arena for the electrically powered aircraft of the future located in the middle of Norway / Sweden.
https://www.norceresearch.noNorwegian Research Center. Independent Norwegian research institute
https://sams-norway.noBusiness cluster for the development of sustainable autonomous transport solutions for use on land, at sea and in the air.
https://its-norway.noMember association for all players in the transport industry
https://transportup.comA source to news and information about the UAM development. Kongsberg cluster is working on several projects with the aim of promoting innovation, exploring new business opportunities and accelerating the development of new technology. is a news and information resource from AIN Publications. Since 1972, AIN Publications has provided independent and comprehensive coverage of the aviation industry.