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These regulations have been replaced by a common European drone regulation from 1 January 2021.
All RPAS operators can fly according to their operations manual up to and including 31 December 2021. The old regulations apply when flying. RO operators must register during the first half of 2021 on (before the new basic regulation is adopted). For more information, see

Regulations on aircraft that do not have a pilot on board, etc. (drone regulations)

Aviation operations with drones are regulated by regulations of 30 November 2015 no. 1404 on aircraft that do not have a pilot on board, etc. The regulations came into force on 1 January 2016 and contain the flight safety rules for aviation with unmanned aircraft.

The regulations reflect the main difference between model flying and drone operations by having a separate set of simple rules for model flying. The rules for drone operations are divided into three categories: RO1, RO2 and RO3, of which RO1 constitutes the most common and least complicated drone operations, while RO3 constitutes the most demanding operations. For RO1 operators, registration requirements apply, while RO2 and RO3 operators must have operator approval from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The regulations set requirements for both the person performing the flight and how the flight itself is to be performed, including requirements for safety distances and areas within which it is not possible to fly. A main consideration behind the regulations is that it is the drone business that must be adapted to the established aviation, and not the other way around. The starting point is that aviation activities with drones must meet the ordinary safety requirements in aviation.